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What is the Patriot Grave Marking


The objective of this SAR program is to register and mark the final resting places of our Patriot forefathers.  Also, this program periodically publishes a list of the grave locations of our Revolutionary War Patriots.  The current edition of this list can be purchased through our National Merchandise Department.

Once a Patriot grave site is located several things can happen, if no tombstone exists it is possible to acquire a U.S. Government headstone or marker.   A local chapter of the SAR can generate some attention by placing an SAR Marker at the location, with the appropriate ceremonies.  And the location should be reported to our Revolutionary War Graves Committee for inclusion in our Graves Registry Program.

Grave locations are reported by local communities, individual descendants, other historical groups and by our members.  The method of reporting can be received in many ways, we have even included a online form on the National SAR website to help with this reporting.

The Captain John Collins Chapter has sponsored Grave Marking Services in the past and will continue when new graves of Patriots have been identified.  Members also participate in Grave Markings sponsored by other chapters throughout the state and country, usually via the State Color Guard program.

If you know the location of a Revolutionary War Patriot military or civilian and would like to report it, feel free to submit the form with a photograph of any headstones that may be located on the grave site.

Grave Markings:

grave markingPatriot William Suttles grave at Utoy Church was dedicated by the Georgia Society

                                                                                                       Peter Groover - Holly Springs Cemetery


 - Holly Springs Cemetery



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